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Incident Packs

The idea behind an incident pack is to allow customers to use an incident for a repair on a computer, printer, scanner or other computer peripheral. The cost is fixed and they have no time limit. It means, if you bought the equipment elsewhere, we can still cover it under an Incident. You can even use an incident for us to install it for you. Also the more you buy, the cheaper each incident becomes. It's better than insurance: if you don't use it, you don't pay any more!

Why use incident packs?

Just a few reasons why incident packs can be so handy:

  • No time limit.
  • Can be used for almost any install or repair, subject to agreement.
  • No annual renewal cost - when you run out of incidents, you can purchase more.
  • More cost-effective for smaller organisations with fewer PCs and Servers.
  • Discounts offered for bulk purchases

When should I buy incident packs?

Incidents can be ideal for businesses who maintain their own IT systems or use another IT support company but require XP Solution's special expertise for a particular key system.

We offer incident packs to any business in St Helens, Lancashire, the North West or the local area.

For more information on purchasing incident packs, please

contact us or phone 01744 608986 now.