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Disaster Recovery

XP Solutions have developed expertise in disaster recovery, data backup & restore to ensure business continuity.  We also can advise on and supply preventative measures, fault-tolerant equipment, introduce redundancy and resilency with both hardware and software.

File server down or data corruption?

If you find yourself with the loss of a file server or the dreaded data corruption we can react within hours to get you up and running again. Contact us now for help.

We develop cost-effective strategies for you, in the event of a disaster, so you can minimise your down time of key systems.

  • We don't just look at your organisation's IT infrastructure, we examine all the key areas of your business to ensure that we understand what is critical - and why.
  • XP Solutions can help you to determine the level of information availability you need, and the amount of downtime your applications and systems can withstand.
  • We work closely with you to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective business continuity strategies to ensure your organisation can be up and running quickly following a serious incident.
  • Help you develop a tailored business continuity plan that meets your needs and assist you in its implementation.
  • Business recovery plans need to keep up with your business. XP Solutions can help to ensure that your business continuity programme meets your developing technical and business needs.
  • People are important - we can provide training for your staff, particularly those who are likely to be at the sharp end in the event of a serious incident.
  • We can also audit your plans to ensure that they meet the needs of your business and are compliant.
  • We also are able to recover data from most account systems and databases.

Speak to the experts on disaster recovery, data restoration and backup solutions based in St Helens, North West.

If you would like us to do a full on-site audit; give recommendationa; and a quotation then goto our contact us page and send us an enquiry or phone 01744 608986 now.